Tuesday, March 28, 2006

(video) The A - Z of Aluminium Smelters

The art of sensitisation. Using art to create awareness.
The following video, the A - Z of Aluminium Smelters, was created to raise awareness of the issues and hazards associated with the industry of aluminium smelters. We continue to make our stand against the two aluminium smelters proposed for South Trinidad.
Click here to see the video
Video & Voice: Elspeth Duncan
Featuring Patti-Anne Ali as "Trinidad
File type: wmv
Length: 2:30 minutes
File size: 4.99MB
(Be patient. May take a while to download if you don't have a fast connection).
This video, based on the A - Z concept, was launched at the anti-smelter sensitisation meeting at CCA7 on Tuesday 21st March, 2006. It will be broadcast in as many ways as possible, in addition to other vital sensitisation material.


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