Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Amazing spiders

Since yesterday I have been encountering a lot of spiders. Just now, when going into a cupboard in the kitchen, there was one sitting quietly to the front near the hinge of the door. For some reason I felt warmly drawn to it in the way that I would feel drawn to a small puppy. As a stood there absorbed in its simple movements, a voice popped into my head out of nowhere: "Diva is amazing!" At that moment it occurred to me that Diva's flowery pane which was taking me so long to work on is actually in the beginning stages of becoming a web!
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Whilst the poem to Diva has been going on (submit yourshere), I have been working on Diva, inspired by the feeling that the final pane represents the music of the spheres (an ancient doctrine originating with the Greeks that implies that the universe and everything in it is in harmony). The concept for Diva is the stringing of very fine copper wire with coloured translucent beads across the pane, with each end of the wire tied around small nails inserted into the frame. (I will go and search for beads later). These beaded strings represent the droplets of colour in a rainbow, but also the harmonics of the cosmic music of the spheres, created by the eternal revolutions of the planets (according to Pythagoras, producing "harmonious sounds only the truly inspired can hear").

Today, looking at the spider, it struck me that the music of the spheres relates to the symbolism of the spider as well: mainly the interconnectedness of life.

It would take too long to get into all the deeper meanings and levels of connectedness I see in all of this, but I just wanted to mention that. Everything is connected. We are all pulling strings and weaving our webs. Interesting time to mull over the spider as a power animal.




Anonymous Guanaguanare: the laughing gull said...

Spydah does eat good too! Symbolism an' ting doh spoile de flavah. Mih likkle hole in de cliff wey I does res mih belly uses to have plenty spydah before I did move in. But afta ah time, especially ovah dem days wen it did have big storm an' ting, yuh boy cuddn' fly to fine fish so he had was to fall back on dem. Not bad at all. Peepin' out at de rough sea, eatin' mih spydah cutters an' sippin de salt raindrops blowin' in. Is ah gull ting'.

3:05 PM  

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