Sunday, June 04, 2006

Driving Rain (video) & Magic Corners

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I took this short clip with my digital camera from the passenger seat of a friend's car as we drove to Balandra yesterday morning to collect something. For those who have never been to Trinidad, this clip gives a little idea of the basic scenery on a drive along that coastal road to Salybia/Balandra/Toco. I find it one of the most pleasing routes, especially when it has rained and everything is green and lush. During dry season when everything is brown and dusty, it's not as appealing vegetation-wise, but the frequent glimpses of the ocean are striking.

There's a part of the road along that drive which I have recently started to refer to as "Magic Corner". Within the past two days, whenever we drove around that forested bend (4 times in the past week), little powder-puff-type seeds were floating down from the trees which flank both sides of the road. They floated so slowly and in such abundance that it looked and felt as though we were in a spaceship moving through a galaxy of stars.

There was another corner along that route (also green and forested) that I have always referred to as a "Magic Corner". Somehow it always made me slow down whenever I was passing through it and inevitably, I and whoever was with me at the time, would sigh and say something like: "Wowwwwwwwwww ... magical!" It was a combination of the cooling green light filtering through the leaves and the mystical essence and appearance of that spot which, had it been in a child's storybook, would have had fairies and elves running around and sitting on toadstools.

But ... that special Nature magic has since been tampered with ... replaced by thatched roof huts, hand painted signs about keeping the place clean, painted CPEP rocks ...


Anonymous theglasshermitage said...

Driving in the rain is always exciting along country roads. What are the trees that are responsible for the floating puffs? Is it the Ceiba Petandra (Silk Cotton or Kapok Tree)? If these are silk cottons then you have good reason for recognising the magic. These trees are thought of as sacred by the Amerindians and also the Africans who came here. Do you know that they believed that sleeping on pillows filled with that fluffy cotton would bring healing and good luck? Collect some next time and try it.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

If I collect some, I'll ask Daddy what they are (he's a Botanist). I don't think it was silk cotton though.

3:05 PM  

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