Monday, June 05, 2006

Eye Wander About ...

(P.S./N.B.: 11 June, 2006 - I have since removed the blog described below and put Now is Wow TV in its place. So when you click on the Eye Wander link, you will not get through to any site).
Yesterday I added a new arm onto Now is Wow ... another blog called Eye Wander About Trinidad. (See link in right hand side bar).

I thought about the concept the other day as I was driving home and trying to see Trinidad as if I was seeing it for the first time. I thought about it again when I was using the video function on 'Love' Bee' (Canon A620 Digital Camera) on the rainy drive to Balandra.

Since I don't really use that function, I had forgotten about it until I did this little video. I find the quality is good and the camera is quick, convenient and with me once I'm out, unlike my video camera which is too bulky to carry everywhere.

Eye Wander will not be updated daily (as is Now is Wow), but I'll let you know here whenever I do update it. It will consist of short video 'glimpses'/clips (all within 1 minute) taken as I 'wander about' ... whatever stands out in this place and captures my eye as being 'interesting' ... an intriguing moment ... a quick glance at life here ... (along with supporting writing). I see it as a kind of "videoblogging tourism" (although not typical TT touristy). Sometimes the simplest thing can say the most about a place.

Like I said, I set it up yesterday, so it's a very young work in progress and I still have a lot of things to tweak (like the intro under the title, etc.). Nothing is 'up' yet (other than an initial introductory post). But, just as Now is Wow did, it will evolve in time.


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