Monday, June 26, 2006


What would your answers be?
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1. Name (if any) two spots on your body that have markings that you were not physically born with.
2. Where were you living when you were two?
3. What are two things you have written in your daily planner/diary/list of things to do today?
4. What are two of your favourite natural phenomena?
5. What are two things you are looking forward to in the coming week?
6. What are two things you would buy/own now if money were not an issue?
7. You are an alien visiting earth. What are two things (one tangible, one intangible) you would take back to your planet as souvenirs (assuming that your planet has nothing that earth has)?
(My answers):

1. Scar from embedded fish hook on mid-segment of right hand ring finger; small tattoo (circle with central dot) on left Achille's Heel.

2. #90 (or was it 9?) Baker St. Augustine, Trinidad

3. Pay my phonebill; go walking up Chancellor at 5 p.m. with a friend

4. Rainbows, Shooting stars

5. Meditating on early mornings when I wake up; the Greenlight REvolution

6. A simple but spacious rustic house with large open windows and a wrap around verandah on a secure and ample piece of land with large trees and other lush, cooling vegetation, a river (clean and clear) running through it; a four wheel drive vehicle

7. Tangible: (I can think of may natural things I would want to take back, but one would be): a vial with sea water in it (because I would probably be intrigued by the ocean, which would seem like a vast animal that moves and roars but is sometimes gentle and lapping). Intangible: Love.




Anonymous Simone said...

1. Scar on my left arm where i broke my humorous ...tatoo on finger
2. Petit Valley
3. Take the kids (dogs) walking in Macaripe and study my sign language
4. Rainy days to cleanse the spirit and full moon
5. A call back on a gr8 job.bro home from school.
6. Half of Bill Gates stock...and a zoo
7. Tangible:lots of food and fruits..Intangible: Hate, I'd take all the hate away from the earth and buried it deep in the galaxy..Simone
(I just happened upon your site and now it feels like my daily meditating ritual, very calming it is, thank u, in your way, a message of hope and truth rings clear.)

7:33 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Hi - welcome, Simone. Glad you 'happened' upon the site. What you said about the 'hate' is a good idea. The galaxy would surely absorb and detonate it.

8:12 PM  
Blogger 1 1 said...

1)oval-shaped scar on left pinkie finger between the two lines - pinched between two metal parts; and, a scar on my left knee from when i keeled over on the tennis courts.
2)tunapuna - same place as i live now.
3)read before i go to bed; clip my fingernails.
4)rain and shooting stars.
5)lunch with one of my best friends, and possibly a play over the weekend.
6)my own private island and all the books i ever thought i wanted.
7)the beach and memories.

9:02 PM  
Blogger Kaivalya said...

1. Scar from surgery on my right leg, body piercing.
2. At age two, I was living in Colorado.
3. Two things in my dayplanner for today: Drop gift by H, my Goddess arrives
4. Favourite natural phenomenon: Rain and sunshine
5. Looking forward to: Tuesday drum circle, Friday!
6. Two things to buy: Digital camera, new iPod
7. One tangible, one intangible: Music and Love!

Love and blessings, J.

5:03 AM  
Blogger greens said...

1. tongue, mouth
2. grenada
3. dont have a planner
4. storms, orgasms
5. grenada, family
6. the 2 most expensive items $ can buy
7. the earth (tangible); power complex (intangible)

1:31 PM  

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