Saturday, June 17, 2006

Crouch the Grouch should slouch (with shame)

By now everyone in TT (and some of the world) must have seen THIS VIDEO CLIP of England's egret-looking Crouch holding onto our Sancho's hair and pulling him viciously back in order to propel himself upwards so that he could score England's first goal. I received that video clip as well as still photo versions of the incident in quite a few e-mails yesterday.

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No need to surmise whose victory it would have been had that not happened. But oh well ... the sad truth is, whilst TT played an honest game and left the field gracefully at the end of the match, one doesn't have to be psychic to predict that the English would not have accepted defeat from 'little Caribbean boys' with such elegance and humility. It would have been the height of embarassment for the 'Lions' ... and one does not have to stretch the imagination far to wonder whether their fans would have taken defeat with a quiet shrug or started a World War III scale riot. TT fans were warned, before the match that win or lose, they should wait until the stadium clears before they leave.


However, even in the face of photographic replay evidence, TT is not making a hulabaloo about this. Rather, we are acknowledging that it happened and focusing on what really matters now. We are moving on with quiet confidence to face Paraguay.

Today's Guardian features the FOUL PLAY on the front page and states the following:
T&T will not be lodging a complaint against England in connection with allegations by Soca Warrior Brent Sancho that England’s Peter Crouch pulled Sancho’s hair in scoring his goal in Thursday’s match, Fifa vice- president Jack Warner said yesterday.

Crouch’s goal had been the first out of two for England, relieving the English side which had suffered 83 anxious minutes of fight from the Soca Warriors.

Crouch received the ball from a David Beckham kick, tussling with Sancho before heading it into the net between Sancho and T&T goalie Shaka Hislop.

Yesterday, Warner said:

“It wouldn’t make any sense at this point because it seems the Japanese referee was overawed by the fact that he was supervising a game in which the English players were worth close to $1 billion pounds as opposed to the TT side worth about $20 million (US).”

“But we are all happy that all of T&T and the world saw what happened and saw that Sancho played fairly because that is the way he knows how and others followed their own standards. The football world now knows that T&T cannot be taken for granted.”

Warner said he and the team were looking forward to Tuesday’s match against Paraguay and “that the victory that was stolen from us by England will be recovered,” he said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I witnessed this too and the behaviour of the referees in both matches. Is it just a coincidence that Asian coaches were selected for both games? Isn't it obvious that they are going to rule in favor of their Caucasian overlords?

Just think about what went on in that first match...all the times when a blind eye was turned when the Swedes engaged in "ungentlemanly" behaviour, and the eagerness with which penalties were doled out to the Trinidadians.

I saw it. My friends saw it. Even the commentator here, a refreshingly unbiased North American, seemed "puzzled" by the referee's actions. That's why I am especially proud of out team. They play like gentleman with none of the exaggerated theatrics of throwing themselves to the ground and rolling and feigning serious injury...And even when they are treated unfairly, they take it like men and turn back again and again untiringly to focus on the game at hand.

Rule Trinbagonians!
Forget the Asian slaves.
Trini Warriors
never, never, NEVER
shall be knaves!!

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with peiople like Crouch is that they know how to play stink without the referee and linesmen noticing.

I think the TTFF should still complain. The foul makers need to know that their careers can be hurt when they're caught.

Anyway, Crouch isn't a real footballer .... more like a soccer skeleton.

5:07 PM  

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