Friday, June 23, 2006

Diva's new date: 2 July, 2006

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Diva's updated invitation was sent out last night to the intimate group of invitees and performers - along with the below information:
* Bring something comfortable to sit on (e.g. soft yoga mat, cushion, blanket)
* Your offering can be made, found in nature or purchased ($20 ceiling, so be creative)
* We will be fuelled with divine food and drink
* Creative expressions by:
- Angel Boy & Fairy Girl
- Nicola Cross
- Elspeth Duncan
- Liseli Fitzpatrick
- Carolyn Harnanan
- Tracy Hutchings (Poet of the Light)
- Sharon White

Our offerings will be laid at the feet of Diva for the duration of the performance and exchanged at the end of the event.
(N.B. Diva does not accept Trini time. Please be there in time for the 6 p.m. commencement)



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