Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yesterday's workshop on 'Creative and Innovative Thinking' for entrepreneurs was fantastic - given by a woman from England (Dr. Venus). Won't go into any lengthy details, but it involved a lot of interaction and playing of games, which is what I enjoy. Even with my short attention span and propensity for falling asleep in lengthy sitting situations, I was awake and alert for the whole eight hours (further stimulated by a delicious midmorning snack, sumptuous lunch and 'decadent' desert). At the end of that workshop I felt that anything is achievable, the simplest ideas really can be the most powerful and be fearless about risk taking, even in the midst of 'the real world' creeping in and saying 'that's not possible.'

After the workshop I went to the studio for the Greenlight meeting. I decided we would have it there since (for an upcoming public awareness project) we needed to work on making a trail for a 'wedding dress' out of plastic water bottles (the kind of bottles people normally toss out of their car windows, toss into drains, to clog up waterways and and contribute to causes of flooding, etc.) Out of four people who were supposed to come, only Janessa turned up. The two of us worked on the trail for about 3 hours into the night, stringing the bottles together and chatting. I had been collecting plastic bottles used at home over a period of time, for recycling - and luckily at the workshop yesterday we were given Blue Waters to drink and I asked the hotel staff to keep the empties in a large garbage bag for me (so I ended up with a good stash).

So last night was the first time I had done anything in the studio apart from clean it out that first day. Being in there for that length of time felt comfortable and embracing, quiet and still, except for our movements. And somehow the room itself seemed vast ... perhaps with the windows gathered around watching with their invisible views projecting us beyond where we actually physically were. Despite the feeling of comfort, a part of me felt lost, wondering 'What am I doing here? What is this all for?' (But then again I wonder that about most things/situations because I normally head in without knowing ... but just feeling that I should be there ... for reasons I find out later).

I've entitled this post "Dreams" because I just woke up from a series of amazing dreams which I won't even bother to 'tamper' with by trying to put into words. It's all connected and I know that 'everything' is unfolding as it should.


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