Saturday, August 12, 2006

I SPY Wildlife

Today is the first day of the 2 week adventure that will be I SPY Wildlife (episode one of a project entitled I SPY). It's a project I've gotten (and still have to get more) funding for (the first 'real' funding I ever got in my life). The project is made of up four ten-minute environmental documentaries/videos - each entitled I SPY 'something' (e.g. I SPY Tree Planting) ... and each of which will be created by a different set of four children age 7 - 10. Not only will the children be coming up with their own concepts of what they want the documentary/video to be and what messages they want it to project, but they will be doing their own research and interviews and learning to use the camera to do their own filming (under guidance). This is similar to the participatory video project Rose and I did through the British Council, only we worked with secondary school students. These children are primary.

It will be interesting to see their unique little perspectives filling the screen and speaking up for the environment, which has no voice of its own. Each episode will take a month to produce (editing included). I'll be assisted by my friend Nicola and, when necessary, we will be guided further in a wildlife sense by Detta Buch.

Today two boys (Liu, 7 and Luke, 10) and two girls (Annelise, 10 and Julia, 9) will take up the baton and run with it. Let's see if the wildlife part applies to the animals or to the children.



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