Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A plug for "Redline"

Below is an e-mail sent out this morning by a friend of mine, O'Leo Lokai. His NGO, "Red Initiative", will be putting on a new radio programme called The Redline (re HIV/AIDS/STI's).
Red Initiative’s Radio Show ‘The Redline’ on Wednesdays at
10 am on SIDEWALK Radio – 92.1 FM

This interactive show promotes VCT testing, Condom distribution and the awareness of various NGOs/groups involved in HIV and AIDS – care, support, treatment, policy, prevention, awareness and sexual reproductive health. It is also a forum to create discussion and allows listeners to call in and ask question about HIV, AIDS and other STIs as well as voice their opinion on the many issues surrounding HIV and AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago.

Callers have the opportunity to receive promotion items (t- shirts, pens etc.) and free condoms and safe sex material distributed at the Radio station or delivered to their homes.

Call the REDLINE at 662 2050 ( on air during the show ) or for further information in HIV (VCT) testing, HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment, counselling , support, policy or for free condoms call 760 6223 / 353 4317 or email

To be launched soon RED’s Interactive HIV/AIDS NGO Awareness and VCT promotion website. HIV is everybody’s business!


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