Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dis Respect

My response to the second comment on yesterday's post:

Yes, women should respect themselves and not cheaply sell their bodies ... but men also need to respect women. In 'hip hop' slang a woman is referred to as a 'ho' or a 'bitch' (and who knows what else). This is not respect, it's not 'hip' and it's not 'great songwriting'.

You say you find Akon 'a great singer/songwriter' ... whereas TriniGourmet's opinion is that his lyrics and personal sentiments toward women are 'so sickening'. I wouldn't know(having not heard his music) ... but looking at the way he was treating that woman on stage I wouldn't be surprised that TriniGourmet is right.

In your opinion, he is 'not to be blamed' ... but from my perspective he disrespected that woman ... whether or not she was up there for 'a slice of the cake' (the spotlight) as you suggest ... or whether she was up there because she really felt she would win a trip to Africa ... whether or not she was a 'fool'.

Deceiving the women (whether as a 'joke' or not) by conning them into coming up on stage to win a trip was the first bit of disrespect. Their choosing to go up on stage to wine is their choice ... and, sadly, in a land where wining is proudly considered 'we culture' no matter how sluttish it looks, they most likely thought nothing of going up to 'represent'.

There are people who are saying (and will say) that the girl 'looked for it' by going up. As a friend of mine said, that is like saying a woman 'looked' for rape because of what she was wearing or where she was walking. The same friend also pointed out that Machel and other local soca artistes also invite women to wine on stage but (as vulgar as they may come across at times) we have never seen them fling a woman around the stage like a sack.

Is it that once a male 'superstar' is heterosexual, it's okay, normal and expected (perhaps even encouraged) for him to do whatever he wants on stage, no matter how sexually graphic and disrespectful, and 'get away' with it? Meanwhile, Elton John quietly coming to play his piano and sing his songs is raked over the coals.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picture Elton John on stage, inviting men to join him and when they do, he chooses one and proceeds to bend him over and imitate some sense of dry humping...then flings him on the piano and continues his animalistic dry fuck...then slams him on the speaker box, pushing his head in the man's genitalia, all before pushing his limp, shocked body on the stage, legs spread open against the floor....hmmmm I wonder what will the headline be the following day? I know it will not consist of 'silence' like the hush and whisper of what happend at the Akon show. It was mentioned once and then it was forgotten.

As a society filled with open hypocrisy, we must sleep great when night falls eh? It is okay for a straight man to degrade a woman, practically dry rape her in front of hundreds than it is for a self proclaimed homosexual to sing beautiful songs at a piano in his beautiful quirky manner, accept his standing ovation and go home saying 'ah the Caribbean people are beautiful' Hmmm I wonder what Akon said ' Fuck! dem Caribbean pussy damn sweet'

Or the pastor to say just before he says his prayers to the God he answers to 'Thank you father for my choir boys' tightness'

Or for the politicians who simply takes and takes, mud-slinging the opposition or those groups of people who 'God forbid' think for themselves.

Or the masses, ignorant enough to believe the un-educated mad rantings of a lunatic like Cuffie...

Watch out Cuffie, with the amount of power you bestowed on 10% of our population, we might very well trasfer some 'buller' energy towards your children. I don't know what God you pray to, certainly not the one that preached tolerence, the one who never judged. It must be the same one that Akon worships, who half the politrickians in this sweet paradise worship

"so lift yuh leg up wine down low,
and lift yuh leg come up slow
wine back on this breast feeding zombie chant
because those who pull hard on our nipples
still don't feel the ripples
they create"

Paula Obe

12:46 PM  
Anonymous The TriniGourmet said...

the youtube of akon is starting to cause ripples on the international entertainment media radar

7:22 PM  
Blogger Malik said...

No No NO you see it all wrong. Persons are looked upon, from the why they act.If women act like sluts,bitchs and hoes they get treated as such.
Note: Akon never said those women would win a trip to
"The Country"Afica.He said he was the best Africa had to offer while the young lady was on stage. Take two set towards me and be in Africa. You see people wouldnot say Akon did not forced her when the fact is She push it more that ever. The clip you see on youtube was the lastdance.Yes last of three sets of this dance drama. Look this young lady carried on for a long time even pushing Akon himself to the fall and riding him over and over. Yeah people talk shit of what they dont know. Women love stars, and stars can do what they want with women who love them and love being up close and personal even to a point of sex doesnt matter if its {oral,anal or Intercouse}. Its not just Akon even our local stars do it. When men call A woman,bitch or hoe we are speaking about the way THAT woman acts not all women. Women would not understand that most men love pussy, getting more for nothing well thats a goodthing.
Anonymous said..."Hmmm I wonder what Akon said ' Fuck! dem Caribbean pussy damn sweet'
Akon got women all over the world and this is a norm for stars to act like that. SO WOMEN RESPECT THY SELF & YOU WOULDN'T GET YOUR CARDS DEALT AS A SLUT, BITCH OR HOE
About Elton John he is a gr8 singer/songwriter and being GUY has nothing to do with anyone. SHIT thats his personal life, so them fast macos should butt out of his buz...

12:19 PM  

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