Saturday, May 12, 2007

Opening the Soul Window

(Canada Chronicles continued ...)

Lately I have been remembering the Soul Window ... mainly because being here feels to me like it is a distinct journey for my Soul. I won't go into any lengthy explanations, but I feel the Soul is turning out to be the theme of this trip (internally and externally) in a number of ways.

(Chookooloonks, if you are reading this, have the missions been completed?)

The concept of a Soul Mate. Think of it as Soul Meet. Before I came here this time, I was talking with a group of people. I think it was members of the Raj Yoga I was talking with. The topic of souls came up and I said: "I feel I will meet a lot of great souls when I'm in Toronto." One of the people in the group said: "If you want to meet great souls, go to India." I disagreed, saying that great souls are not confined to India.

It's not easy or necessary to explain ... but this is what I am meeting on this trip. Great Souls, including my own.

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Anonymous Chookooloonks said...

E --

Not yet, though we're still in the process, and it is current and ongoing. The small envelopes we were to give to friends: I'm only giving them when i feel moved to give them. All that remains is the one that is to be given to a stranger.

As I say, it's a very current, present and ongoing process. But it's coming. And I feel more connected to the window every day because of it.

I agree with you: great souls are not confined to one country. I'm so thrilled you're meeting some now.


7:25 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Great souls and great fools are found in every land. Good for you for including your own soul on this list.

11:02 AM  

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