Saturday, June 16, 2007

A message from Jasper

Both this morning and yesterday morning, Jasper has placed dead birds in front of my car. This morning it was a mature bird. Yesterday it was a freshly hatched fledgling with its guts exposed. Some may think this is gory and consider it another reason for hating cats, but this is no evil or cruel act in the mind of the feline.

When Jasper brings me a creature, it is one of two things: a gift and/or a symbolic message. To me, there is an instinctive wisdom in his bringing and I always thank him for whatever-it-is ... even when, purring with pride, he brings them into my bed, under the blanket at night ... alive. Bats, lizards, cockroaches, rodents, manicous, small snakes, small frogs, birds and more. He looks confused when I leap out of bed and then take the 'gift' back outside ... "Doesn't my human want the gift?"

I think the latest act of repeatedly placing dead birds in front of my car is his way of adding to the notes of caution: Be careful on the road. Lots of carnage .

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Anonymous Dre said...

even the feline is listening to the news and knows better...

i suggest everyone gets a cat just for the symbolism even though i am not a cat person..

get a cat... save a life??
could be a slogan for the animal shelter.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

'Get a cat ... save a life' is a good slogan. Or even just 'Get a pet ... save a life'. It's a good slogan for stray animals - saving their lives, but also your own, in a way. I agree with those old people's homes and hospitals that incorporate animals in the healing process of the patients. Also read something in the papers today about how Japanese people really love dogs (not as food, but as pets!). The article was about a home for old dogs - and the photo showed a wet dog coming out of a pool.

8:53 AM  

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