Friday, July 27, 2007

My Creature, Mr. J

Jasper wasn't too happy earlier today when Crystal (the vet) paid him a home visit.
(These photos were taken long after Crystal had gone and it was safe to come back out).
As soon as he sees Crystal he gets ready to flee.
I endured some scratches in the effort to hold him still while she checked his right hind leg.
He has been limping for a while now.
After poking, prodding and pulling, Crystal couldn't find anything visibly wrong with his leg. I wrapped him in a towel while she successfully gave him an anti-inflammatory injection. She prescribed a tablet. "Break it into quarters and give him over the next 4 days. If he is still limping by Tuesday, he'll have to have x-rays done."
"Keep him confined over the weekend," Crystal advised.
(Clearly she doesn't know Mr. J ...)



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