Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The beginning of Beginnings

When I first got the list of names for the 'Beginnings' project from Chookooloonks, I closed my eyes and chose one name at random. I got M in the USA.

It's a bit sooner than our suggested mail-out date, but yesterday I couldn't resist making my first 'Beginning' and posting it off to M. I don't know her or what her life is like, but I have the feeling that she will receive this on a day that's perfect timing for her.

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Anonymous Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

OH, oh, so fun!

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Monica C. said...

Oh my! That might be me ... if so - THANK YOU! :)

11:52 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

M is for Maybe ... and Maybe not.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

You are so industrious!
I have my list of names, and the idea of what I'll make.
Alas, I have another project for a wedding going on until Friday.
After it is done, I'll work full speed ahead and (hopefully) make only one trip to the Post Office.

This is fun, the anticipation.....


2:54 PM  

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