Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mystery of the haunted baby

Today some of us went and cleaned up a beach in Balandra. Photo shows my gloves hanging on the tree and Mitch walking by with a large piece of rubbish.

My friends Keshia and Dara drove up in my car. We left earlier than everyone else, as I had to head back up East for a particular time. On the way back we saw this rather life-like baby doll on a stick, 'guarding' a banana and vegetable patch. The doll was obviously functioning as a scarecrow ... I think ... I hope.

It was kind of odd, so we stopped to take a photo of it.

Keshia took a photo of it from the passenger seat where she was sitting. I got out and walked up to it and took this photo. I was then zooming in to get a closer shot when suddenly I heard a noise like a baby crying (one cry). I looked up, thinking it was a large bird. I was not sure because I had never heard such a cry coming from bird, but Keshia then said: "It's a bird."

I positioned my camera again and as I was about to press 'click' the sound like the baby's cry happened yet again. It was a strange kind of "Whaa" noise. I looked at the car, thinking it was Dara making the noise, but it was not. She and K looked as confused as I did.

We decided it must be a goat in the bushes. I was about to press click again when ... "Whaa". It was too uncanny! We all looked at each other with eyes wide open and I turned to walk away.

Keshia suggested: "Try it again ... just to see. If it happens, then it's not a bird or a goat."

I went to press click and the noise happened again. "Whaaa." I got back into the car and we drove off.

Later on we discussed it and arrived at the conclusion that someone might have been hiding in the bushes making that noise to scare us away. Maybe that's their technique for getting rid of vegetable thieves.

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Anonymous Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

There are motion sensing the toy groundhog that would emit a wolf whistle each time someone walked past on the sidewalk. The hotdog vendor was quite upset when someone complained and the city made him take the batteries out of his whistle pig.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Frances-Anne said...

The way that the rod is attached to the baby seems like she is impaled on it, like it is penetrating her vagina. Reminding me of all the (true) stories I heard in south africa of babies raped by men who believed that sleeping with a virgin would cure them of aids. Sorry but that is what came immediately to mind, and I find this whole episode disturbing and bizarre.
Something is wrong, I'm glad you left.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Kiki, I know what you're talking about, but I definitely don't think that doll is a motion sensing toy. Something was definitely odd.

FA, unfortunately the raping of babies and young girls to 'cure AIDs' happens elsewhere too - maybe even here, which makes the symbol of the impaled doll and the 'crying' sound even more disturbing. Virgins have been used for centuries to 'cure' sexually transmitted diseases.

7:48 PM  

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