Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TLC Newsletter: August 2007


Librans Unite!

The theme of this long-awaited but belated August 2007 Issue is:

Dear Fellow Librans,

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! There have been repeated requests to bring the TLC Newsletter out of its dormancy. So said, so done! How can I ignore the pleas of my astrological kindred?

In keeping with the honourable Libran sense of justice of all, I have decided to post TLC on this blog (instead of sending it only to Librans via e-mail). This is so that:
(i) wandering global Librans may chance upon it
(ii) other signs of the zodiac (who long to be like us) may vicariously partake of our birthright and its many blessings.

As longstanding TLC members will know, in the past we have had many 'honorary Librans' on our mailing list ... i.e. other signs of the zodiac (Aries, Virgo, etc.) who have stepped forward out of the shadows and asked to be members of TLC and receive the Newsletter. Don't be ashamed. This is completely understandable. It must be difficult to stand longingly on the sidelines, watching and listening as your glowing Libran friends talk excitedly about all the great things in store for us on a daily basis. This is why, in the true Librans spirit of fairness, we have always embraced other signs of the zodiac and welcomed them as honorary TLC Members. After all, if you can't be born Libran, you might as well spend your life imagining you are one.

So, welcome, dear readers from other signs of the zodiac. Make yourselves at home!

Despite the fact that August is almost over, I decided to go ahead and publish a newsletter for this month ... simply to create a space in which we can welcome ourselves back into the astrological garden (as it were), emit our fragrances and display our beauty. This issue also gives us the opportunity to welcome those who wish to be honorary TLC members and to let them know that now is the time to sign up!

As the year gallops forth like a wild stallion, Librans all over the world begin to feel the insatiable tug of that which can only be described as 'the astrological pinnacle': September 24 - October 23 ... Libra. At this auspicious time, the Universe opens up its floodgates and pours its gifts upon us. Upcoming issues of the TLC Newsletter will celebrate this annual phenomenon.

1. Any Libran who is reading this and who is not yet a member of The Libran Club, feel free to sign up and become a member by e-mailing me with your e-mail address. I will promptly add you to the existing mailing list. I don't need to list the benefits of being a TLC member. Being Libran is enough of a benefit.

2. Other signs of the zodiac who wish to become honorary TLC members, please do the same: send me your e-mail address and I will add you to the existing mailing list. Once you sign up, you are eligible to also receive cosmic TLC blessings. Those other signs of the zodiac who have become members in the past have fitted in well and enjoyed receiving.

3. If you know of any Librans who may want to be a TLC member, let them send in their e-mail addresses as well. The more the merrier!

Until next time ...

Be Light
Be Love
Be Libran
No other signs of the zodiac were hurt during the writing of this newsletter.



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