Friday, August 17, 2007

Names I've been called recently

Simple pheonetics: E-l-s-p-e-t-h

Two syllables: EL and SPETH

What makes it so hard?

(Upon leaving a message for someone to return my call ...)
Me: Just tell him Elspeth Duncan called, please.
Man on other end: Elfin Duncan?

I had left my name for a friend/associate to call me back. When he did call back, he sounded a bit unsure, trying to figure out who the voice belonged to.

So I said: It's Elspeth.

He laughed and said: You know, I thought it could be you. The note they left for me says "Call Eltezz".

After a meditation session I went to last Saturday evening, I said hello to a group of women. One of them said to me: You look so familiar. What is your name?
Me: Elspeth Duncan
Woman (kind of rolling it on her tongue as if it's a pleasant taste): Ohhhhhhhhh. Elllllspethhh!
Me (pleasantly surprised): You pronounced it!
Woman: Some of us do read novels, you know.



Anonymous dumondoj said...

Yes, unique and expressive names like Elspeth, unforgettable as they should be, do have their down side.... like my daughter's, Bao-Quynh!

6:26 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Wow. I could understand that one being challenging to pronounce.

7:35 AM  

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