Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good thing I began when I did

In all I've sent off three Beginnings and have two more waiting to be posted. Good thing I started on this early, because now things seem to be getting so busy ...

The 5th 'Beginning' I made was from something I found when I was on the grassy cliff in Toco. As we were leaving, walking back to the car, I saw it and picked it up. I like it. It's very simple. Strong yet fragile. Came home and added to it. I think it will travel well and arrive in one piece.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going on a day trip to Manzanilla with the Canadian artist who has been occupying my ex studio. I anticipate it will be relaxing and productive day. Always good being out there. Maybe I'll find some interesting things in 'magic Manzanilla' to make the rest of my 'beginnings' with.



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