Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beginning again

A snippet of another Beginning (made yesterday).
Even though in yesterday's post I said I would wait until the suggested date (September 1) to send off the Beginnings, I couldn't resist going to the Post Office with two yesterday: this one and this one. They feel like wild birds which can't be kept in a cage.

The other night I was going to a friend's performance. I ended up chatting with someone (another performer) who told me "Girl! You are lapsing!!!" because I have so much music and I am not performing. He was prodding me to begin again.

What he is saying is true. It's been ages since I've had any kind of show or exhibition and I need to start back.

Today I will begin singing lessons. I took about four in the past, but dropped out because I wasn't very disciplined (never practiced at home in between classes) and it didn't make sense. But this time I will make every effort to practice and be serious about it. I think I have a good voice but it is a rough diamond in need of polishing. (Example of my voice). Apart from me on my own realising that my voice could be better/stronger, two comments from the past made me realise that singing lessons would help immensely.

1. A man told me after a performance: "You have great songs! You should get someone who can sing them."

2. One of my ex yoga students, after a performance came up to me looking concerned and said: "You sing so well when you are teaching yoga. What happened tonight?!"

Those were the only two comments I got of that nature. Even if others feel I can't sing, they've never told me to my face. Then there are those who say the exact opposite - that they love my voice. A friend of mine once said that a friend of his was indoors at a bar (the performances were outdoors) and when he heard my voice he ran out to see who 'that haunting voice' belonged to.

I don't let any of it daunt me. You can't please everyone.

But it is time for singing lessons. I want to do justice to the songs by bringing out the real strength and projection of my voice.

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