Friday, September 28, 2007

Appointment with Love

Yesterday I went to visit my friend Patti's mother (wife of Ian Ali, who recently passed away). I was taking 5 tickets for her to this Saturday's Greenlight Network environmental concert. She invited me in and we sat chatting for a while. At one point she was telling me that she had been asked to give a reading at a recent function and had chosen to share her favourite story with the gathering.

Intrigued by the tone in her voice when said "my favourite story", I asked her what it was about. Instead of telling me, she said: "If you have time, I will get it for you and you can read it."

She brought me a photocopy of this story called 'Appointment with Love'. I started to read it, becoming drawn into the simple language and what was unfolding ...

As I reached to the end, the skin all over my body suddenly erupted into goosebumps, a floodgate opened and I started to cry, tears streaming out as Mrs. Ali sat looking at me - with surprise (I'm sure, since the crying flew out of me like a jack-in-the-box) as well as with quiet understanding.

It's not just about 'the story'.

Appointment with Love by a woman named Sulamith Ish-Kishor.

(N.B. Compared to the original which Mrs. Ali gave me to read, the version featured at that link is slightly abridged and a little different, with what I found to be some beautiful sentences missing ... but still, you get the essence).



Blogger Makeda said...

What a beautiful story, Spec. Thanks for sharing. So now, the tears have watered.........

9:55 AM  

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