Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feline yoga

Jasper on my yoga mat just after my ... I mean our morning session.
Every morning when I am doing yoga/meditation, Jasper joins me. As soon as I sit on the mat, he jumps off the bed or through the window (wherever he is at the time) and stretches out purring in front of me. If I am in easy pose, he often curls up in the basket created by my legs.

I don't know what it is about Breath of Fire, but it drives him wild. As soon as I start to do it, he 'wakes up' and clambers all over me, purring wildly, rubbing against me and repeatedly biting my gyan mudra. Cats are very sensitive creatures and no doubt he is tuning in to the energy.

He will calm down eventually, but purring louder than ever until he eventually dozes off.

When I'm done and I get up off the mat, he takes my place ... as in the above shot.

Sat nam, little J.

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