Saturday, September 08, 2007

Scattered seeds blooming on the big screen

Dates to write in your diary: movies to see!

The website for the TTIFF (Trinidad & Tobago International Film Festival) is up. Check out the listings, as there is a lot of interesting work to be viewed.

Actually ... I keep calling it the T & T International Film Festival ... but apparently it's just TTFF (no 'International' in the acronym). But from my perspective it is 'international' because it will feature films from the region (Jamaica, Barbados, Haiti, Venezuela and Cuba) as well as from the UK and Canada (the diaspora).

I used to dislike that word ("diaspora") because of how people wore it out in unintelligible 'artspeak' (aka suchness). But now I like it ... from the perspective of scattered seeds being blown in the wind to bloom in other soils.
Anyway, of course on behalf of the children and anyone who worked in any way on making I SPY a possibility, I must plug the series via its links on the "TTIFF" site:
1. I SPY synopsis
2. The calendar on the home page tells you which episode of I SPY is showing when (from 19th September onwards). They have been slotted into the 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. slots, daily. This is a great field trip for teachers and students (particularly primary schools). The children can find a haven in Movie Towne, being inspired by the I SPY documentaries, which were filmed by children in their age group (7 - 10).
3. Short blurb on me: Elspeth Duncan
Worth checking out:
1. All of the I SPY dates and times (daily) starting from 19th September 2007
2. A Winter Tale (Dir. Frances Ann Solomon) on 19 September, opening night ... and again on the 23rd.
3. I was on the screening committee and saw a few of the films from before. So I saw La Rebelle ... but wasn't in French class at the time, so read the subtitles rather than try and listen to the lingo. But I think it's an entertaining film for anyone learning French.
4. (Plugging a pal): My friend Emily Upczak's film Dancing Deities on Thursday 20th Sept at 5:30 p.m.
5. Saturday 22 from 5:30 - 8 p.m. - one might call this a block of gay films
6. Looks interesting: Cold Dead Hands by Kaz Ove.

And of course there are lots more worth seeing ... just check out the schedule and see what interests you.

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