Friday, September 14, 2007

Just around the corner

Last night when I was coming home from singing lessons (which I started last Thursday), as I approached HiLo, St. Augustine, I noticed there was a lot of traffic on the Main Road for after 8 p.m. Nothing abnormal. There's always traffic now.

A little further ahead I noticed what was causing the traffic: a policeman was standing in the middle of the road diverting cars and making us take the back road detour. I looked beyond him and noticed that the Main Road was eerily empty of cars, but there were crowds of people gathered. "Something must have happened," I thought, envisioning an accident of some kind.

There was a lot of traffic on the normally quiet backroads as all cars were being diverted. As I reached Warren Street, I noticed a lot of cars parked at the road side and people walking to join the crowd on the Main Road. "Hmmm, maybe its a political meeting," I thought.

But the area was dark and quiet. No blaring politicians voices, no loud soca music, no-one wearing political t-shirts. Had I been "Trini to de bone" I would have parked and gotten out to maco. But I was only interested in getting home.

Turns out that ... at 5:55 p.m., right there at the auto place (where you get an under-body and engine wash) 'around the corner', a man and woman were shot. In broad daylight. On the Eastern Main Road. Peak traffic. People returning form work. School children milling around. Busy strip of businesses with customers going in and out.

A black vehicle stops, a man gets out and 'calmly shoots' (seven times) and instantly kills a couple (man and his female co-worker) who were standing, waiting while their company car was being washed.

Calmly shoots. Did anyone get a number plate? What did witnesses do? Any of us could have been passing. The man and his co-worker were connected to the housing development being built 'just around the corner' from home (Santa Margarita).

Earlier yesterday mummy told me that a dead body was found by UWI (also 'around the corner'.) Haven't heard anything more about it.

In Trinidad these days there's an increasing number of very disturbing incidents happening 'just around the corner' ... no matter where you live.

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