Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The HHHA 2007

This year is flying! Very soon it will be time for me to open the floodgates and welcome your nominations for the Happy Hippy Hero's Award 2007.

Last year's winner (2006) was Catherine Chadee, a caregiver for young children. She actually called me a few days ago and we did some quick catching up. So much for retiring! She is still at it, doing what she does best ... taking care of little babes while their parents are at work. As she says, it's hard for the parents to find people they can trust these days. And they trust her.

I have already located the person who will make this year's piggy bank trophy. We'll hear more about him in time to come. Last year's pig was actually a wild quenk, made by the 2005 Happy Hippy Hero, Detta Buch.

Every year I aim to improve this process, making it more fair, more enjoyable, more outreaching ... and always keeping it natural and simple. When I have everything ready, I will announce this year's details. In the meantime, please begin thinking of the person you would like to nominate ...

Last year's criteria (may be exactly the same this year or slightly tweaked):
1. Nominee must be born in T & T (or must be a citizen) and must be living in T & T
2. Someone whose work or continued contribution has one or all of the following: a positive, healing, empowering, uplifting, progressive impact on our society and/or environment - on a micro or macro level. (Does not have to be a member of an NGO, CBO, etc. May also be an 'everyday' person or ‘regular citizen’ who regularly goes about doing good deeds without thought of recognition or reward).
3. Someone who, in spite of financial and/or other obstacles, continues to believe in good and work tirelessly towards the realisation of dreams and goals connected to (i) a particular cause or (ii) the betterment of life



Blogger Webgrl said...

i nominate me. hm, me.
Why? Because i contribute to society by refraining from cussing the 'customer service' people in trini.
I take great personal pain and sacrifice not to do so.
However, though i know i would be your star candidate, i have an irrational fear of pigs (cept the first pink plastic one cuz homie was pink) so i could never accept.
I'll try to find someone else to nominate :P

8:55 AM  

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