Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas (but some aren't)

This morning as I went for my walk the sky was heavy with dark grey clouds, it was 'cold' (by Trini standards, probably somewhere in the mid 20's celsius) and everywhere was wet and shiny. I felt light and happy as I marvelled: "Wow, this is my favourite weather!"

I noted the irony. Had it been sunny, I may not have felt as light and calm. The rain and dark skies make people slow down and everything is cooler, quieter and more peaceful. I love the cosiness of it.

Yesterday I made the comment twice (in different situations) that if this were a temperate country, all the rain could be snow. I meant it in a delighted way, but both times the people I said it to commented: "Thank God we are in Trinidad!" They don't like snow.

If I didn't live on a hill and, instead, lived in a low lying area that flooded, I probably would hate the rain and would dread the sound of it or the sight of even a grey cloud. I had that same thought as I lay in my bed early this morning enjoying the gentle pitter patter in the darkness outside. For some people that gentle, constant pitter patter (or, sometimes, heavy downpour) means a flooded house, damaged goods, having to shovel piles of mud from their streets and driveways and maybe even worrying about the danger of loved ones getting swept away by large ravenous drains.


Blogger Lynn said...

Elspeth, you paint so many pictures here for us to ponder.
I'm glad the rain was a positive for you. We have nice cool weather here after a rainy few days...all clean and bright looking. I loved my brisk lunchtime walk today.

Next time you feel like walking to my blog site I have an award waiting for you to pick up there.

8:21 PM  

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