Saturday, December 15, 2007

Frida(y) ... update

Update: Last night Detta called to tell me: "Elspeth, your friend has made it this far." She said she had sent a swab of Frida's stool for analysis. All is well except for the presence of bacteria (can't remember name) which is not found in seabirds. She will have to go on antibiotics. Detta also called a friend of hers in Florida for further advice and was advised to put her on a course of antibiotics not available in TT. So for now the aforementioned antibiotics will have to do the job. God speed, Frida.

Frida eating fish at Detta's (Detta's hand in shot)
(14 December 2007)

This morning when going for my walk I saw this bird on campus. (She is a smaller version of the sea bird I found in a carpark March this year. Sadly, that one died). This one's wings were spread and she was unable to fly. What was she doing so far inland?! People were walking by as if she was not there. I picked her up, walked back home with her, immediately called Detta then took the bird down to her wildlife orphanage, wrapped in one of my beach wraps.

I named her Friday (since I found her today, Friday) ... minus the 'y'. Hence Frida. She seems a lot healthier than the other sea bird that died (toxicity, dehydration). She rapidly gobbled up the fish that was placed in front of her. When I left she was sitting on a special heating pad in a cage, covered in blue fleece, with her plate of fish in front of her.

Here's to her swift healing and eventual return to the sky/sea.



Blogger Kikipotamus said...

That always the test...will the rescued animal accept food. Your heart must have leapt for joy to see that she would eat. I love good news.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Lynn said...

Oh lucky Frida to have you come by to pick her up! I hope she survives and thrives.

10:10 PM  

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