Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Screw driver

On Saturday 8th December I woke up and there was a huge screw in my front right tyre (which was almost flat). I had just enough air in it to drive to the tyre shop around the corner in Maraval.

This morning when I returned from my walk I noticed my right back tyre was flat. A screw was in it! The tyre itself was too flat to allow me to drive the car and, upon trying to change it, I didn't have enough strength to unscrew the bolts, which were on really tight (from the machine they use in the tyre shop). I got my neighbour to help me get the bolts off, we put on the spare and I drove down to the tyre shop. The culprit was a long, thin screw - even longer than the last one.

Normally I would think about symbolic reasons for this happening twice in such a short space of time ... 'what could the message be?' But this time it doesn't feel symbolic. It's just a hard fact. The man in the tyre shop and I agreed that there is too much construction going on. Screws and nails are everywhere.



Blogger Lynn said...

Frustration City! Oy.
Not fun, and worrisome, as how many more times it could happen, and how to be "careful driving around construction sites"...good luck dear friend.

10:47 AM  

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