Friday, March 28, 2008

des nouveaux mots

After talking in French, when it's time to talk in English again I feel somewhat disappointed. My friend Nic feels the same way about Spanish (she is doing evening classes). We both agree that a new language is like a new life, a new perspective, a new everything. It can transform a mundane or routine task or subject into an adventure. Even sitting in traffic today heading into POS, I didn't notice the heat and frustration because I was busy parler-ing.
Sitting in traffic (l'embouteillage) on the way home from POS.
Here are some of the new words I learned yesterday and today:
âme soeur
- the French term for 'Soul mate'. It literally means soul sister ... soul (âme) sister (soeur). Interestingly, the term is even applied to a male person.
la vie de bonvivant - the good life; the life of someone who lives well
bordel - the word means 'brothel' but is used to say that something is a mess. I learned this word while eating doubles (bordelique - messy; or c'est le bordel)



Blogger Lynn said...

tres bien. You are just full of new things! Learning never ceases...ever...enjoy!

11:14 PM  
Blogger human being said...

The photo is marvelous!

Je pense t'âme est comme le soleil dans cette photo.

It's brimming over the frame (of the mirror) ...

Good words and good thoughts! I learn lots of things here.

3:18 AM  

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