Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Twin Tapes: Transcription #2

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I continue to explore what this statement means to random people ...
Respondent: Adult male
Location: Lopinot
(Transcribed from dictaphone)
ADULT MALE: You lapse in yuh companion, seeing that yuh twin was lost. So you have no companion again.
(Pause ...)
HAPPY HIPPY: That's it?
AM: Yes.
HH: What colour comes to your mind when you hear the phrase ... (reads the phrase) ? If you had to give a colour to that, what would it be?
ADULT FEMALE in background (who the man washing the car said would answer): Black. Black is a kind of mournful colour.
HH: You think it's a mournful thing?
AF: Is a sad thing. Black represents something sad.
AM (after some time): I would say red.
HH: Red ...
AM: Yeah, de red. De red dat was lost dat have yuh missing someting. De red.
HH: The red ... the life?
AM: De red was ... how yuh say ... Now he was born a twin and you miss yuh partner ... it was de red dat took him away. De blood. Yeah.
Tomorrow: A woman in her golden years offers her perspective ...
And if you haven't said it already, what does it mean to you?
- Happy Hippy -


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