Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Happy Hippy Hero(ine)'s Award 2005

(Happy Hippy News)
There are people all around us who are doing positive, progressive and meaningful work. These people (sometimes unseen, unnoticed or hardly recognised) should be upheld, supported and celebrated. They work from their hearts. Very often these 'heart-workers' struggle to acquire funds to assist them with their cause ... and/or they result to 'self-funding' (money from their own pockets) to keep going. Many of these people will say that there are times when they have been tempted to give up. But thankfully, their love for and belief in what they do gives them the strength to continue.
Based on all of this and more, I have decided to initiate an annual Happy Hippy Hero(ine)'s Award programme. Through this award, I pledge my support to those who work from the heart and play an important role by setting great examples in this often (seemingly) "example-less"world. It is my hope that the award will help not only the awardee, but other kindred spirits to know that their efforts are supported and their input is highly valued.
I already know the person to whom I will give the 2005 award. My admiration for this woman's dedication to her cause is what inspired me to come up with the idea for the Annual Happy Hippy Hero(ine)'s Award in the first place.

The initial list of criteria for this year is therefore built upon my observations of this individual (and will be further refined in 2006):

1. Someone who loves what they do and puts great love into what they do
2. Someone whose work has a positive impact on our society and/or environment
3. Someone who, against all odds, continues to believe in their cause and work tirelessly towards the realisation of dreams and goals connected to this cause
4. Someone who is humble, who does not seek reward, but is deserving of it
I leave you with this very applicable quote:
We can do not great things ... only small things with great love.
- Mother Theresa -
Elspeth Duncan
for Happy Hippy News


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you decide on the recipient?
Did people put forward names?
Was there a voting procedure??
the recipient I would nominate is DETTA BUCH who fulfils all the qualification you have listed.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

As I said, I was inspired by the work of the recipient and decided that she was deserving of an award. I therefore used this as an opportunity to make up my own awards. So no, there was no voting procedure and people did not put forward names. The initial criteria are based on my observations of the recipient. In the future (2006 onwards) I will refine the criteria and decide if/how the awards will be open to public suggestion. Stay tuned for the recipient.

9:48 AM  
Anonymous joanne Johnson said...

In you Elspeth I have seen someone who has committed sincerely to the Art in her own soul.
This is so rare.
It is something we say glibly at times about people who work 'selflessly'.
When we do what we love and we do it sincerely, it fuels our lives because it is at one with divine purpose. The healhty ego is invested and directed into this purposeful work.
This does not always LOOK like selfless work. But the artist who sacrifices the material independence of a corporate job risks much to create beauty for beauty's sake.
And the artist who goes to work 8 to 4 to support herself and her family, willingly investing soulful work is giving of self too.
I guess 'selflessness' to me is about increasing awareness as opposed to an imposed sense of duty and burden. There is joy in selflessness.
One of the criteira Mother Theresa gave nuns who wanted to join her order was that they must find the work joyful. IN an interview I read she considered herself selfish since she said she saw God in the poor it was her sincere joy and desire to be with them constantly.
It is not really possible to ask nothing at all of life or for one's self - healthy giving teaches us the goood-feeling and divine order of a mutual relationship.
When we are in our flow and giving where we are meant to, we may well recognise and feel the ways we are denounced, discredited, rejected...
In my experience we may grow compassionate towards ourselves and others, understanding where this longing for acceptance and with holding come from.
At the end of the day, our heartfelt desires and our true work originate from the same source - LOVE.

Loving you Elspeth for your own beautiful efforts - refelcted here on this site - is the courage it takes to bring the theory of love into the world, your practice of revealing the tender hearted in one's art is so beautiful. Thank you for being your own hero!(do we need a feminine word still? There is such power in HERO as is)

12:16 PM  
Blogger Gillian said...

Bless u Elspeth, you're an inspiration! I see many people continuing to do their work, in spite of the difficulties. Thanks to ALL the heroes. xxx

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know of whom you speak...
She certainly needs the support!
We're all behind her 100%
Blessed be.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Paula Obe said...

Specky, you have always been and continue to be an inspiration to me. You have found your calling, and that calling has many mediums that bring fort beauty and honesty. Something that we all need in our lives.

Blessings my friend.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Thank You, all of the above.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Sandra said...

Dear Elspeth
Once again your heart speaks. What a beautiful idea. There are so many deserving people and I would certainly like to meet some of them in T &T.


1:24 AM  

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