Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All I can say is WOW!

Since there is no W in my name, I'll forget about that for now, since all I can say is Wow since being in Zurich. Flying in was like approaching another planet. At first the clouds looked like a vast snowscape (tundra) stretching for miles, with huge plumes of cloud shooting out of the cloud bed looking like cosmic towers. Then what appeared to be clouds turned out to be massicve snow covered mountains. These Alps are amazing. I was saying WOWWWWW from then until entering the airport, which was unbelievably clean and empty (very zen).

Right now, I am writing this from my frind Corina's at home office/study which overlooks Zurich. Where she lives is in Zurich, but on a height ... kind of like living in Port of Spain but in Lady Chancellor so you can see the whole city, teh sea, etc. ... only higher. The view is of the whole of Zurich, covered in white snow and beyond that is the lake and then the Alps, covered in snow and jutting into the sky. It's like something from a book actually ... at first not seeming real because it is so clean and picturesque. I'm not sure if I will be able to upload photos, but with my new digital camera which was brought in by my friend J who has also come for Christmas, I've been taking shots of everything without having to think about film and developing, etc. I'll share these when I return.


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