Monday, December 19, 2005

S is for ...

Location: London (Brixton)
Weather: Sunny and warmish - about 7 degrees Celsius
Switzerland. Tomorrow I leave for Switzerland - to spend Christmas there before returning to London on 29th December. I checked the temperatures there and their highs are in the minus degrees (-3 celsius, etc.). Snowy and sunny. I will update the blog from time to time (or maybe even daily) while I am over there. Possibly I will be able to include some photos this time around.

Sunny. Today is sunny with lovely long, photographic shadows. Feels like more of a summer or spring day than a winter one. Yesterday was also sunny, but colder than it has been thus far (about 1 degree cel).

Surprised? I'm not surprised that no-one seems to have responded to any of my flourescent green post its. However, the flourescent pink post its are proving to be far more interesting, enlightening and even amusing. This particular project will be revealed at another time - some time early next year.

(The letters by the way, are letters from my name: L and S have been used so far. Not using them in order ... so E, E, P, T and H still to be used)


Blogger angelboy said...

Hi, E,

Girl Life has been a world wind of Drama for the last two weeks I don't know how you and Patti do it. I missed your warm encouraging smile on opening night but at least you be a ble to see the DVD of the ceremony and pics. By the way I blelive you said you'd be home by the end of Dec. well the show is up until JAn. 2nd.2006. Now that I've sorted my internet woes I'll send you some pics from opening night and of the actuall peices. Right now like you I'm trying to ward off the cold climate as I'm in NY. until Jan. 2nd.

We've got to get together when i get home and dish all about the show and the art and our travels. I'll also be updating my blog much more now that I'm on vacation so you can check that out as well.

I forgot luv did you say it was better for me to write you at the yahoo or tstt adress?

Well chat with you soon, stay warm and i can't wait to here all about your European adventures.

1:15 PM  

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