Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back in town

Location: Internet Cafe, Leicester Square, London

A quick update ...

Got back to London from Switzerland a few hours ago. It's the longest time I have spent away from updating "Now is Wow" ... but most of the time in Switzerland was spent in the Alps and it wasn't possible to do computery things like check e-mail, update, etc.

The first experience was in a beautiful place called Gimmelwald (pronounced Gimmelvalt), where we did a lot of uphill walking (more like trudging - through packed white snow), sledding (downhill to get back to the Hotel), eating (traditional Swiss dishes - of which my favourite was a dish called Roshti). There was snow, snow and more snow. Mountains, mountains and more mountains.

The next stay was at a place in a valley called Engadine, flanked by snowy mountains. There, ice skating was my peak experience. Took lots of photos with my digital. So far have well over 300. I won't show all on Now is Wow, but may put up a few that give the essence of the journey. Switzerland is another world ... surreal in its cleanliness and safety ... space-agey in its modernity and the way things work ... post-cardy/Christmas cardy in its scenery.

Still assimilating it all.

In comparison London seems like waking up from a dream.

I wonder what Trinidad will feel like in two days time.



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