Monday, January 23, 2006


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View of rainbow from Kernahan the first evening I went.
What would you do to get this country to move as one?
I asked Howie's question yesterday (Sunday) to the one who answered it, thereby accomplishing Step #4. I encountered her when I returned to Kernahan, the village where she lives.
On Friday gone, I had been driving through Manzanilla with a friend and decided to turn down a road I had never been on. It led us to Kernahan, which we found to be quaint and beautiful.
Some may look at the little wooden houses with their rickety wooden planks leading over canals to the road and think 'poverty' ... but there was a quality of 'richness' in simple things around - particularly the children playing outdoors - some with toys under the houses, some gathered with bikes on the sides of the streets chatting, some running with small puppies in dirt yards. It seemed as though we had stepped back in time to an era when children still knew what it was to play safely outdoors, finding joy in simple things and in each other's company.
It was getting late, but I said to myself "I want to come back here" (which I did on Sunday). When I went back, an older man I was talking with (after my chat with 'Step #4') mentioned to me: "We need more street lights on dis road." (One would think he was requesting this for safety ... but it wasn't that at all). "We need more lights so de chirren could see to play when it get dark. So dey could play dey cricket an' ting nah. An' you know I go be playin' wit dem."
Tomorrow: STEP #4


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