Saturday, June 10, 2006

T&T vs Sweden today

Guten tag. I wish I had my dictaphone on me a while ago as I took my usual walk down the road to buy papers. The newspaper stand looked like a sea of red, with a whole set of men gathered around it, discussing World Cup and today's match: Trinidad & Tobago vs Sweden. Unfortunately I only recall three snippets from the barrage of excited conversation:
1. ... an' de coach was in teeeeeeeeeeears, yuh know! (from a man by the stand, probably talking about another team that had lost their match)
2. Allyuh, TT go surprise you wit a cup!! You feel dey cyah win World Cup! (said with conviction from the newspaper lady)
3. Even if dey draw self dere go be tears! (stated confidently by one of two men who were walking up the road in front of me discussing the match)
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One of the many cars with a TT flags, parked on Lady Young Lookout
From about midday the streets of Trinidad & Tobago will be dead as everyone sits glued to their TVs ... whether in homes or bars, liming with friends or family. We'll see what happens. Win or lose will determine whether the streets after the match will be a sea of screaming red or empty silence.
Do your best, Warriors.


Anonymous Hebe said...

He Spec,

I wish you and the soca warriors ALL THE BEST! Except for winning the final against the Dutch team! off course, I will try to watch the game tonight, with TRIX. I am sure TT will be a great asset for the WC both as a team and with a positive caribbean spirit! The Dutch team has to play tomorrow but with 4 Dutch coaches in Germany (Australia, TT, South Korea and The netherlands) it is a dutch day every day...
good luck!

10:04 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Good luck to you in yuor match as well, Hebe. Well, I guess you know by now that your second home tied 0-0 with Sweden. They played well! I guess you're saying: "Must be their Dutch coach."

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a draw!!...but I say, "WE WON!!!!"

From FIFA Website
An amazing match in Dortmund saw FIFA World Cup™ debutants Trinidad and Tobago hold Sweden to a goalless draw.
An injury to the Soca Warriors' first-choice goalkeeper Kelvin Jack shortly before kick-off gave West Ham United's Shaka Hislop a chance to shine on the world's biggest stage. Hislop did that - and more - as the 37-year-old pulled off a string of superb saves to deny Ibrahimovic, Larsson and Co.

The final scoreline was made all the more incredible as Trinidad and Tobago, ranked 47th in the world, compared to Sweden's 16, had Avery John sent-off in the 46th minute for two bookable offences.

At full-time, the Caribbean side's players and supporters danced for joy, while Lars Lagerback's men slumped to the turf in disappointment. The match may not have produced any goals, but the drama was there for all to see.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha Ha!!!! I interrupt my wild dancing to bring you the headline from the CBC website in Canada:

Sweden can't figure out Trinidad

See more here

"An amazing match in Dortmund saw FIFA World Cup™ debutants Trinidad and Tobago hold Sweden to a goalless draw....."


"Trinidad and Tobago: Shaka Hislop — The backup goalie made several magnificent saves to keep his country in the game. Absolutely brilliant."

Yessssssss!!! o lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o o lay o lay o lay ...

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such gentlemen, such grace, such beautiful faces, taking their tumbles and their warnings and that send off (unfair) with such dignity...despite everything, they played competently and did us proud. Excellent game! I was glued to the screen.

1:30 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Ha haaa! Yes, you could say we did win. I feel the 0-0 was best. it gives the team the knowledge that they played very well, yet it leaves room for them to realise they must do even better against England. When I say we can win worldcup, people say "Naaaahhh ..." but ... YOU NEVER KNOW.

1:31 PM  

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