Friday, July 21, 2006

All in Your Hands

Dear All,

Due to a slight injury to my right hand, I will be taking a rest from using the computer in order to use the hand as little as possible (currently typing this with 3 fingers of left hand). I will therefore not be updating the blog over the next few days. While it may be tempting to write little bits and pieces on occasion, I will try my hand at some discipline and resume blogging on 1 August, 2006.

Unfortunately, this may also mean a rest from the windows. I think singlehandedly lifting so many of them (heavier ones than usual) when moving the other day put strain on the hand and, since the work I've been doing on them in the past few days has involved a lot of gripping of tools, hard scraping (to get off old paint), hammering, chiseling, etc., that has aggravated the injury further. However, not wanting to do absolutely nothing with the lamps over the next few days, I will resort to gentler work - things that I can do with my left hand if possible.

I wrote to my friend (who had ordered Serendipity) some days ago with an idea (to do with Serendipity) and ironically he wrote back today saying: "Good idea. It's all in your hands." Had it not been for how my right hand feels now, I would have read that phrase differently.

So, until we connect again on 1 August 2006, may you all keep well and safe ... and may many magical moments of serendipity find you.



Anonymous Guanaguanare: the laughing gull said...

A hands down conclusion, I'd say. Be gentle with your hands. There are other ways in which you give expression to your creativity and emotions but you really need your hands. It's only when our hands are out of commission that we realise how much we rely on them as first responders. Heal well, Birdie! We will miss you.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a needed break,the rest will only do you good.
Slow down and enjoy the many things you can do without actually doing anything at all.

get well soon


9:31 PM  

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