Monday, September 18, 2006

Gulf of Paria here I come

(In my new home, the Internet Cafe)

Bright and early I repeated my daily ritual of calling TSTT and explaining from scratch what the problems are to a new customer service rep. She put me on hold for half an hour ... but I dared not hang up and start all over again. Instead, as I held my landline to one ear, I called on my cell phone and got another rep (I had to explain from scratch to him). As I was talking to him, she came back on (so I hung up from him) and told me that a technician would be dispatched.

I won't bother to go into our ensuing conversation, but it ended with me realising that I had no choice but to wait on them, as I am not a technician myself.

Yesterday I wrote a two page letter of complaint, outlining the details and requesting a rebate. I don't know what else to do after that ... other than personally and physically go in to TSTT and camp on their doorstep until someone responds ! Some people may recall the newspaper article some time last year about the man who slapped and beat up the TSTT employee in an outlet. This is what our teleccomunications people drive customers to?!!!

A friend's mother yesterday was telling me that she once told a TSTT employee (when she went in physically after weeks of their phone not being fixed and no-one respondin): "Do you want me to drop my phone on your desk or do you want me to do like Eric Williams?" When he looked confused she explained that Eric Williams )in the days of TELCO poops) had dropped his phone in the Gulf of Paria ... and they immediately came and gave him a new phone.



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