Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's really time to start recycling envelopes

Yesterday I went to buy envelopes at the stationery outlet I go to most of the time. I picked up a pack of the brown envelopes which I normally buy and noticed that the price sticker said $10.XX (can't remember the exact amount of cents). My first thought was that it was some special new brand of envelopes, so I put it back and went looking for the 'ones I normally buy'. I have never paid over $10 for a pack of envelopes. Normally they are between $4 - $6 if I remember correctly. But most of the envelope packs I was looking at were over $10. I haven't bought any packs in a while (maybe one or two months), but how can they have risen to over $10 in such a short space of time? I eventually ended up buying a pack of white envelopes for $6.XX.

I asked the girl at the cash register if envelopes had gone up. She looked at me like I was speaking Greek. I asked her again and she shrugged and said "I can't help you. I don't know."


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