Sunday, September 10, 2006

That school

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Re yesterday's comments about the state of that school I visited. Yes, I agree with you Anonymous about 'stop waiting and to start acting'. That is something that this whole country needs to do to get moving.

Whilst at that school listening to the Principal talking, my mind kept running on what I could do to help. I may end up helping ... as much as I may not. It's very easy for humans to feel sorry about a situation someone else is in, but how often do we really reach out and do something, even if it's a small thing? It's like trying to pick up all the stray animals on the road to give them a better life. It's impossible to pick up all without flooding the TSPCA or floooding your own garden or devoting your entire life to it. Picking up all those animals and finding good homes for them is a full time job. Likewise, helping all the schools who are in need is a full time job ... i.e. the job of the Ministry.

Yes there is a lot we can do as individuals, but there is also a lot more that the authorities must do. Are they doing it? I asked the Principal if he had ever met Hazel in person. He laughed in a don't-be-naive kind of way and said: "Oh no! etc etc etc ..."

Here I think of a woman like Eva Peron who for me, when I read the book about her life at the age of thirteen, instantly became my hero ... an icon. Yes she had her 'bad ways', but on the other side of the coin, even if one just wants to look at her metaphorically ... the way she captured the hearts of the poor of Argentina was admirable to me. I think I so fell in love with 'Evita' that my lack of interest in Spanish in school suddenly was transformed into a passion. Admittedly, I even used to cry listening to the songs from the musical. I must read the book again (years later) and see if I feel similarly. But clearly, something about her had grabbed me then.

I use Eva as an example because I would imagine that someone like Hazel would (or should or could) take the time to reach out to her 'desaparecidos' ... children who have disappeared into the failing national system and who want to be found again. Cut through the red tape and put on your sneakers, Hazel ... Go walking in the country (or through the entire country) with or without your entourage. It will be a lot of walking. Meet, speak to, listen to and relate to the children and the Principals you have never seen and who have never seen you (other than on TV and in the papers).



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