Friday, September 08, 2006

The importance of being e-mail

(Another internet cafe, St. Augustine. The unnecessarily rude attitude of the girl in the one I was at yesterday warrants not returning).

No sign of or word from a TSTT technician yet. Grrrrr. Not having regular access to my e-mail and internet at home makes me realise how much I use it and how many people (clients and otherwise) communicate via e-mail rather than phone. I have to keep checking e-mail to catch important or urgent messages. Unfortunately the TSTT account seems to clog up after a certain amount of e-mails and it doesn't seem possible after a while to clear them when accessing directly from the tstt website. As a result, e-mails sent after the clog-up point bounce back. Oh well ... if it's really important, hopefully they will make contact again.

A seemingly long day stretches ahead ... consisting of a trip to Waterloo and who knows what else. I'm ready for a feeling of confirmation, definition and knowing.


Blogger 1 1 said...

that's what gmail is for! you never have to delete another e-mail.

9:58 AM  

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