Monday, September 11, 2006

Short notice, open studio, Serendipity, multimedia, multisensory

(Hurried entry from Internet Cafe, St. Augustine)

The No-DSL-connection-at-home saga continues. I called TSTT again this morning and once again was fortunate to get the same girl who assured me that I would have it back this evening as "I'd been without it long enough." I am fed up of the inconvenience now ... but, since I can't fix it myself, I can only trust that she is correct.
In other news:
Submit your name and contact info to me (either here, via e-mail or by writing it on a piece of paper and slipping it into the special mailbbox in my studio) ... and you can be one of 6 people who will get the chance to experience the multisensory, multimedia launch of SERENDIPITY on Saturday 16th September, 2006 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. in Studio #2 at CCA7. Four people have already been 'chosen'. The other two will be selected at random from the names submitted to me via whatever means (by Thursday night for the latest).

At CCA7 on Thursday from 7 p.m. the launch of Project Galvanize will take place. This is open to the public and there will also be open studios (artists will open their studios to the public) - a 'work in progress' kind of feel. Since I haven't really had the time to be focused on my studio (or focused in it) due to other activities beyond those walls, I don't have as much going on in it as I would like to ... but everythign in its time. My focus on that night will be on the simplicity of Serendipity and the offer to those who visit to 'win' a chance to be at the special launch this Saturday.

It will be a magical Saturday evening.



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