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Happy Hippy Hero's Award 2006 judges (update)

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Those of you who read this blog regularly may remember Concerned Citizen, who felt that it was unfair that I knew the four judges and vice versa. I did not personally feel that this was 'unfair' (as I had chosen my judges based on their qualifications and integrity - not on the fact that I 'know' them). However, in the spirit of fairness, I still took the reader's concern into consideration by inviting other readers to suggest a fifth judge (... but what if I had known this person as well?)

Anyway, no-one suggested a fifth judge - except for Concerned Citizen who sent me an e-mail suggesting types of people who could be judges (nurse, teacher, etc.) but gave no specific name. I therefore did not pursue this further.

I put forth "Concerned Citizen's" concern to the judges, who unanimously decided that they did not see it as a problem that they knew me. They are not judging me, not giving me a prize, I am not personally nominating anyone and I am not doing this for personal gain.

As one judge put it via e-mail: To know us is necessary since you have to trust us to be fair and capable.

Another judge said via e-mail: I think we should just go as is ... the process is fair, and if you go forward into pleasing people, the idea may be lost. Just stay with what you had initially thought of.

Another judge said via e-mail: Once the process is transparent and can be shown to be so we good to go.

The nominations (5 in all) are now in the hands of the originally selected judges. The winner will be announced next week.


Blogger Mirari Coaching and Consulting Services said...


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Anonymous Concerned Citizen said...

It’s unfortunate that Mirari coaching & consulting services viewed fairness as being a laughing matter. It really says a lot about your character.
Sometimes we just let things slide because we are too lazy or don't think the matter is a big deal.
I wasn't informed prior to this posting that a 5th judge had not been selected so I was unable to suggest specific names.
Despite this news, I hope that in the up coming years Miss Duncan takes my suggestions into account and picks someone beyond her circle of friends.
Next year when you are making your selection don’t be discouraged to ask people to participate as judges, you might be surprised at how many people are willing to assist you in your endeavor. It is so much easier to ask friends because you know they will help us out.
Believe me when I say this, if you really wanted to find a fifth judge Miss Duncan you would have found one (you don’t know everyone in Trinidad & TOBAGO). You know that and I know that.

The citizens are awaiting the results.


4:04 PM  
Anonymous Chookooloonks said...

Concerned Citizen: Dude. Lighten up.

Elspeth: As always, you are doing an admirable job. Continue to spread your beauty and light, my sister.


8:33 AM  

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