Monday, November 13, 2006

Transparency, Fairness and Justice for all. Inviting you to suggest a fifth judge.

In my Libran-ness, it is in my nature to always want and seek fairness and justice. Therefore I am taking 'Concerned Citizen's' concern seriously.

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Yesterday, I wrote about who the judges were and included photos of the clay quenk trophy. Concerned Citizen left a comment suggesting that it would be a conflict of interest if the judges are my friends.

Wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest if the judges are your friends?I am not sure about all the criteria that goes into having a competition but I know that the judges are not suppose to be buddies or close friends of the person hosting the competition. Make the competition fair at least…

Like C.C., I am also not fully aware of the criteria that go into having a competition, but in the case of this nomination process, I selected people whom I know, based on their professional capacity and my personal experience and knowledge of their fairness. They just happen to be friends and associates of mine. But we live as we learn/learn as we live. I was considering inviting an independent international judge, someone who knows not even one of the nominees, but did not do that (yet).

Allay any fears that the HHHA2006 awards process is rigged. Even if I wanted to 'rig' it, I wouldn't know where to begin. I am not personally submitting a nomination, so there is no chance of 'my friends' choosing 'my nomination' and us splitting the prizes, etc. (E.g. Of what use is a clay quenk piggy bank cut in half?)

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I have invited Concerned Citizen to submit the name of a fifth judge. I don't know if he or she will do so. As such, in the name of 'fairness', I am inviting anyone who has similar concerns to suggest the name of someone they would like to operate as a fifth judge in this process. Hopefully I will not know the person, but I will need to know why you are suggesting them. You can suggest the person (local or international) in a comment or via e-mail to me. Whichever is easier for you.
Thanks for your assistance in making this a 'fairer' procedure to all concerned.
Dear Concerned Citizen, thank you for your comment. Your concerns are being taken into consideration. Yes these judges happen to be friends of mine, but they were not selected on the basis of friendship. As I stated in my accont of them, I find them professionally to be fair and honest people, people whose professional opinions I respect and I trust they will judge based on the strength of the nominee/submission and nothing else. I see no potential conflict of interest here and, as I myself am not submitting a nomination, my only 'interest' is in seeing a well-deserved winner emerge - whoever that winner may be. Of the people whom I would have chosen to be judges, many are friends or associates or known to me in some way. Trinidad is a small place. However, like I said first, I value your comment, I would like everyone to feel that this is a fair judging process and I welcome any suggestion you may have for a fifth judge: someone you would like to suggest to me and why. If it turns out that that person is also known to me, maybe you may want to choose another. I am openly and honestly inviting you to suggest a fifth judge. Thanks for your comment and concerns.


Blogger Mirari Coaching and Consulting Services said...

aah. screw CC... you're doing your thing and making a difference in the process. let them start their own 'fair and balanced' commission if they think your ways are shady. damn quenk lobbies!!! anyway, can't hurt to have some altruistic competition, right? :P

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Concern Citizen said...

Wow I really didn't expect such a reply from you Miss Duncan. I have a few people that I think would be suitable candidates for the position and I guess you can decide if you want to use them or not.
I will email you my selection.

Thank you again for hearing me out.

8:30 PM  

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