Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hope (pupdate)

At this rate I should start calling this blog 'Bow is Wow' ... with all the finding and homing of stray pups and the subsequent 'pupdates'. This pupdate is half happy and half sad ...

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"Lovely" ... subequently named 'Hope' by her new owners.
Here she is sitting on the lap of one of the little party girls.

Some of you may remember the little puppy I had found on the way to a 10 year old girl's birthday party in July this year. The little girl and her friends named her Lovely ... and fonrtunately she was adopted there and then by one girl's mother and given to their neighbours who loved dogs and wanted a puppy.

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Another little party girl cradles a sleepy "Lovely"/"Hope"
I bounced up that friend yesterday in a shop and she said "Oh, remember that puppy my nieghbours adopted ...?" She went on to tell me that the neighbours had eventually renamed her 'Hope' (hoping she would live). Hope had experienced "three weeks of absolute bliss!" and then she had died after a brief weak spell. The vet had told her new owners that Hope was very young and therefore was not strong enough to make it. I do remember that when I found her in the middle of the road, she was just a little black dot, barely even recognisable as a pup until I drew closer and got out of the car. She was a baby ... in the middle of nowhere.

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But ... even though she did not live, I don't think it's a sad story. She knew love from the moment she was picked up on that dangerous road ... to the moment she arrived at that birthday party and was descended upon by a crowd of little girls who all wanted to hug her, kiss her and take her home ... to the moment she arrived at her new, loving home where she experienced "three weeks of absolute bliss".

There is always Hope.


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