Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Tern on my Path

Yesterday I set out for my usual early morning walk. No sooner than 2 minutes into my walk, my eyes (which seem to be tuned in to seeing injured birds) landed on a strange looking bird lying in the carpark of a nearby school. It was a white and black bird with long wings spread out at its sides., looking like a Carnival Queen waiting to go on stage. It appeared to be a seagull, which is strange for an inland suburban/residential area. I approached, expecting it to fly away, but it didn't (couldn't). I noted that she was indeed a sea or water bird of some kind, with webbed feet.

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As I approached gently, speaking to her, she tried moving away, rapidly and clumsily, snapping her long, needle-like beak at me. Eventually I caught her, held her wings against her body to keep her still and took her home. Her heart was beating loudly, terrified ... probably having never been held by a human! I gave her some Reiki and she calmed down and closed her eyes, nestled in one of my old t-shirts.

I called Detta and described the bird to her. She sounded extremely concerned, telling me that this was rare but not unheard of - for a sea bird to be found incapacitated in a populated inland area. She explained that this was most likely due to poisoning (e.g. from industrial waste going into the sea) which affects many marine birds (and other creatures, of course). How it got so far inland we don't know!

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At Detta's instructions I took the bird to the Mout Hope Vet Hospital where she was tested for Avian Influenza (negative result) and then collected by Detta later in the day. Turns out that she is a Tern. At the latest report, she is doing well and is energised, but still incapable of flight. I will know as soon as Detta discovers what is wrong with her. Haven't named her yet. Any suggestions?

Anyway ... most likely she was poisoned. This is abominable! From my discussion with Detta ... the amount of animals being poisoned by industrial waste! We see the effects of the poisons in smaller animals first, but we are being poisoned too. And they want to build smelters on top of it all?!

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Blogger GoGo said...

Very happy you were there to care.

Please post updates on the bird.

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