Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Animal lovers needed to help solve recurring problem

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of ABBA because I didn't take my camera to the funeral ...

On the way to the cemetery, I spotted a cute toffee brown and white pup under a bridge, busily digging in a box. I slowed down and pointed it out to my friend Michele (also an animal lover) who was following in her car. Someone had dumped the pup in the box. Because she was so friendly, she was dangerously running towards oncoming cars wagging her tail. We decided to return after the burial to get her.

When we returned, she was still there near to her box, which was filled with Crix, a small bowl of water and a dirty t-shirt. We emptied the box of its items and put her (in the box) onto the passenger seat of my car.

As I drove up the highway with her, she gazed lovingly up at me: gentle doe-like eyes, slender face, wet black nose, huge sticking-up ears which she will have to grow into, a very round belly (due to worms and most likely lots of Crix), a long tail (with a curled white tip at the end) which wagged and thumped against the box for 90% of the distance. She was having her own drum festival. Now and then she would emit a funny little howl and dance around in her box.

During the funeral someone was going to sing "My Heart Will Go On", using a CD backing track. The person operating the CD pressed the wrong song and "Dancing Queen" by ABBA started playing instead, giving the congregation a good laugh. In honour of this moment, we named the pup "Dancing Queen". This has since been shortened to ABBA.

Since I could not keep her (3 dogs already) and neither could Michele (also 3 dogs), I took her to the home of a friend, Glen, who said he would keep her until I can take her to TTSPCA on Thursday. I would rather not take her there ... but what else can be done? Will have to seek options.

This is a severe problem. People in Trinidad & Tobago are generally not animal lovers and many don't like pot hounds or feel "they are used to the streets!" Most people want "a breed". What is to be done about the recurring problem of stray animals who are being dumped, mistreated, misunderstood, scorned, etc? I'm being serious. This needs to be rectified. What can we do? It is disheartening to pick up stray animals, knowing that finding homes for them is near to being a gargantuan task.



Blogger Webgrl said...

i wish i could take abba :( I wish i could disregard some of the rules like no pets here. I know there are people who do. I've really been wanting a doggy lately and i'd rather have a rescue than a 'breed'

sigh. i. want. a. dog. i. can't. have. a. dog.

story of my life! I hope glen keeps abba he is such a nice guy.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Sammy Family said...

i am going to take abba home to join my puppy family (existing puppy Rexy)...Vijai, Dabie & Sita is happy to have AbbA as a new member of our family...

2:59 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...


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