Monday, September 17, 2007

Je suis fatiguée ... et très occupée!

Jasper is still groggy ... and now so am I.
(Photo from Photobooth)
This evening I fought to keep my eyes open in French class. After 'la classe', I gave a fellow classmate a drop 'out the road'. As we stopped at the gas station for me to fill up PAX (ma voiture), I sighed with exhaustion and said to her: "Gosh, this week has really been busy!!!"

She looked at me for a short while, confused, and then said: "This week? But today is only Monday ..."

Only then did I realise that today isn't Friday ... which is what I had been thinking and feeling all day. That's to tell you how occupée I am.

J'ai besoin des vacances.

Maintenant je me couche.



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