Monday, September 17, 2007

The poor Boo-boo

Jasper wasn't at all happy today that he had to go to Mount Hope Vet Clinic for x-rays. His limp seemed to have gotten better, but then it was back again. As my sister was on holiday she helped me to take him. While I drove, she sat in the back with him incarcerated in my laundry basket (as we don't have a cat carrier). Otherwise he would have been all over the place.

He howled all the way down ... a deep, gutteral, unearthly howl: "Na-rooooooooooo! Na-roooooooooooooo!"

Had to be sedated for the x-rays and is now staggering drunkenly around my room.

Nothing showed up as being wrong, so the vet is baffled. She says it may be a ligament or soft tissue injury, therefore not showing up in the x-rays. Hmmm ...

Right now, even in his groggy stupor, he looks furious with me. He hates vets.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Boo-Boo, indeed. I can well imagine his being furious with you. He's probably wondering what you did to get him "drunk". If he does have a a ligament or soft tissue injury, I really hope that is heals soon. The fact that he is limping off and on, indicates that something is not right, and that he is feeling it. I'm assuming that they (and/or you) have checked under his pads to make sure that it is not a surface injury in a not-too-visible place.
In the meantime, you might try gently (very gently) massaging the leg for him.
Hoping that he will soon be A-okay again...

10:02 PM  

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