Saturday, January 26, 2008

Things you wanted to know but may have been afraid to ask

A friend contacted me last night and told me that she was not getting the whole window lamp thing. I was glad she mentioned this, since it made me realise that there may be others who are also not understanding what is unfolding. Maybe confusion comes when you try to understand what I (Elspeth) mean it to be ... rather than what you (_______) perceive it to be. Neither way is right or wrong. We just see things in life through different lenses sometimes.

Imagine each person in the world looking at a dot and just seeing a dot and nothing else. Rorschach would go out of business. Life is more interesting when some people see it as a dot, some see it as a coin, some see it as a peephole through the paper into another world, some see it as the footprint of Thumbelina with a wooden leg ... and then when we come together and say what we see and ... "Wow, I didn't see it like that until you showed me." (... and vice versa).

When the final thing is revealed,
we will all know clearly what it is and what it is for.
I'm not one of those creative people who feels insulted if someone doesn't understand what I'm doing ... especially since sometimes even I don't understand (until I do). And I don't think any question is 'stupid'. In fact I prefer when people have questions and bring them out. It means they are feeling or thinking about something ... and after our exchange, we both come away with wider vision and a greater understanding of not only the thing, but of each other.



Blogger Kikipotamus said...

The fact that they are not easy to "get" makes them seem to me to belong to that realm of uncertainty beyond the land of labels the ego finds so comforting.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Shereen said...

I see the window lamp as something transparent yet hard, something symbolic that you can play a game with, responding however you like. I see it as a way for very different people to connect, and perhaps experience something new - even if what you experience, you keep to yourself.

It's like diving underwater or into a reality of altered silica ... a magical slide sideways into possible perceptions.

12:09 PM  

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